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  • Cauf Skiviers

    Cauf Skiviers

    I am an only child of a single mother

  • Rahau Mihai

    Rahau Mihai

    Hi! Come to my profile and you will see really useful things or something to relax you !

  • Dr T J Jordan

    Dr T J Jordan

    Passionate about sexualities, masculinities, relationships, intimacy, mental health, CPTSD , animals, growth, psychology, exotic lovers and locations.

  • Zuzi


  • Xavier Navarro

    Xavier Navarro

    First of his name. Data Science Enthusiast. Polyglot. Decent Free-kicker. Investor. Programmer. Leader. https://www.buymeacoffee.com/xfn2p

  • Vali Alexandru

    Vali Alexandru

    Follow back

  • Myky


  • Jeff Scallop

    Jeff Scallop

    Writing about current affairs, finance, economics, crypto and technology.

  • Cailian Savage

    Cailian Savage

    Top Writer: History, Economics, Culture, Life / Email: cailiansavage1@gmail.com / Feel free to support me at ko-fi.com/cailiansavage1234

  • Jacob Jose

    Jacob Jose

    Strategy Analyst in search of Actionable Social and Economic Insights.

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